Flexible doll screams from pleasure when she has her pussy licked, fingered and strongly screwed!


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Big shout out to our Vets! And for today’s update its a special update for some of our members, specifically MOFFIZ and JONWICH, both of whom are familiar with our work (mine especially), and recall that we have a few scenes with Vicky Vixen. They are correct! So we dusted it off and re-released it today for a Special Edition of COUGAR SEASON! Vicky is a flat our Coug! She is a favorite! So sexy and dirty that she calls herself “Sticky Vicky”! Well I can concur. She gets completely sticky with a deepthroating, tit-fucking, cum-swallowing goodness! Enjoy guys! ~Ruff

Sexual Musings of a Cuckold

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Hey Scott, I’m not sure if we’re being invaded or what, but we got another big tittied blonde Russian babe here to swallow my nut for BIG GULP GIRLS! This chick Aspen Romanoff sure can handle a dick. I’m starting to think to think the Russians are training their woman to be total cock sluts before sending them over. Not sure what their ultimate plan is, but I sure am happy to participate. She gave me a fantastic mouth massage, wraps her big beautiful tits around my shaft and strokes every last drop into her mouth and down her throat. I’m beginning to believe that Russians do indeed do it best! – Kevin SpearsHave to agree with you in general. I’ve had my share of Ruskie’s and they tend to be the best! Hard to argue. ~RD

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What happened? There are two skunk-haired brunettes in our house! Oh wait – its Jessica Shaw and Brandi Edwards! The only thing scary about these cock burglars is the insatiable way they go after a meatstick. These are the kind of girls who won’t give up if even if you try to pull away. They attack your cock like they’re professional head specialists, and really, all they’re missing is a degree. If this was their doctorate thesis, they would pass with flying colors. They’ve got the skills to pay the bills and then some! Suck it ’til you choke girls! **Monique**

Sexy Young Wives

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In this new episode of Fuck on Arrival, the fitness girl lives out her wicked dreams in Munich: “All of my holes should be filled, and then I will be showered with sperm. That’s so hot.” More, more, more … But: “I keep the orgasm for the end. It should be real – and absolutely fulfill me. Whoever watches me gets pure sex.” Sina is reminiscent of the young Gina Wild.


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Alyssa Lynn is an accountant. She’s been one for years. She’s also been Lexington Steele’s friend for years, too. She usually works Lex’s numbers, but today she’ll be working on something for the first time: Lex’s 11-inch BBC! Lex is usually a happy guy, but at today’s meeting, he seems preoccupied…almost upset. Alyssa senses it, and sure enough, Lex is having marital problems. Alyssa’s secretly been crushing on Lex for almost as long as she’s been doing his books, and she knows today’s her big change! Her window of opportunity is wide open, so she jumps in — head first! Lex skull fucks Alyssa, stretches her tight cunt to its maximum, then drops a mighty load all over her face! They’ll get to the books next time.

Blacks on Blondes