“Let’s take a shower together, I smile as we head into my bathroom. With my back to the camera, I slowly peel off my hot pink shirt, then turn around to reveal my giant, 39-week pregnant belly and big, engorged tits! My baby’s due any minute now, but that’s not going to stop me from showing off my body for you. Completely naked, I sit in the bathtub and spray myself down with the shower hose. The cool water feels amazing on my warm, sensitive skin, and as I continue rinsing off I let you see every naked inch of me. I spread my legs and wash my pussy, then rub oil all over myself to keep my skin soft and flawless. The oil makes my beautiful, pregnant body shimmer, and when I’m done massaging it in I use the shower hose to quickly rinse off once more. How about you climb in the tub with me and wash my back?”

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