About Voyeur Monkey

DSC_1736The Voyeur Monkey came about in 2008. I was a big fan of, what was then called, TGP sites (thumbnail gallery posts). They were very popular during the beginning years of online porn. They all favored photos rather than videos because it was too expensive then, bandwidth-wise, for videos. Of course, that has all changed now, it’s all about tube sites these days. While I like videos, I still favor photos. Some of the sites I admired were the original Voyeurweb, Project Voyeur and Watchers Web. But over the years, these sites got too slick with too much going on and lost that simple amateur style. I mean when one of these websites has a staff of 40 people, you know it is turned into a corporation and no longer amateur.

Originally the Voyeur Monkey was the very first picture post site to exclusively cater to amateur girls with their own websites. Sure, the above voyeur sites had little sections for them, but they did not figure as very much in the big scheme of things. I wanted Voyeur Monkey to be their exclusive posting site designed to introduce them to viewers worldwide and give that viewer the opportunity to consider joining their paysitesDSC_1737. The other voyeur sites depended on people to post their own personal private photos which was great in the late 90’s and early 2000. Unfortunately as the Internet grew so did exposure and what used to be voyeuristic fun started catching people unaware. No body realized that if you post naked fuck pics of you and your wife, chances are they are going to stay live on the web forever! So you don’t see very much of that any more, at least, you don’t see a lot of really hot, beautiful people fucking in their living rooms anymore. That fun is over. Lot’s of photos with face hiddens or blurred, but who wants that? Now couples still post, girls still like to pose nude, fuck and suck cock, but they want to get paid for it. That’s how the world works, no problem.

DSC_1877Well, there is a megaton of porn out there. With all the free video sites, you don’t have to pay a penny for porn. It’s all low quality, low resolution junk, but you can still spank the monkey and move on. Once in a while though, you find that you have to cull through the massive jungle of shitty porn to find the jewels. You see some hot babe and you’re not satisfied with just a couple of photos, you want the whole experience, who doesn’t? Porn is cheap entertainment if you break it down per day. I mean, most of us jack off more than once a day, young or old, married or single, doesn’t matter. My job at Voyeur Monkey is to bring you photo samples of fine legitimate high quality porn featuring the most interesting women. I make sure that the sites are clean with no hidden links, malware or sneaky scripting.

One of the most interesting features I have in place for my viewer is the Voyeur Monkey URL feature. You’ll notice the original website address is cloaked in my Voyeur Monkey X folder. This is done so none of the site links can be changed to some other link at a later date and send you to a bad address. After 7 or 8 years, I have thouDSC_4553sands of photo posts and cannot police each link. Some sites go out of business, some are bought by other people, domains change hands, etc. and etc. So if they change links at their end, you would never know what you would get if you clicked on the link. So putting this feature in place protects my viewers from shifty shenanigans. In fact, I just found one of the girls that posted regularly decided to close her website and not tell any one. She started redirecting her site to some shitty website that had so many popups and crap, you couldn’t even navigate out of the mess. I had to use Task Manager to kill the browser. That sucks. I don’t like my viewers getting blindsided by bullshit links.

At any rate, all the Voyeur Monkey network sites are managed by me, Ruff Davidson. I have no posse, crew or corporate staff. Just me and when I go on vacation or take ill, everything stops until I can helm the ship again.

DSC_4659I have a number of sites in the Voyeur Monkey network that might be of interest to my readers. These are sites I own, sites I control and sites that I partner with others in. For instance, Voyeur Monkey Live is the official Cam site of the network. Voyeur Monkey Live is partnered with Streamate, the largest, most successful cam company in the world. You’ll find all the hottest porn stars there and all of who’s who in amateur. It’s way different than the other cam sites populated with warehouse girls from the far east and Europe. If you are into the live nude cam experience, this is perfect for you! One of my newest sites is Voyeur Monkey Japan. I love Asian women and so do a lot of my viewers. Unlike most Japanese porn sites, Voyeur Monkey Japan is totally uncensored with ultra high quality photos and videos. Check it out and see everything my members enjoy. It is an awesome deal!

I built Sex Groceries so I could have a place to buy sex toys that I liked. More importantly, that my wife liked. I think the prices are very competitive and, most of the time, way cheaper than the other adult sex toy stores. You decide. The thing is, you can always contact me if you ever have a problem.

DSC_4668I do have a tube site and it’s a good one. I built Video Monkey a couple of years ago and it has gotten quite popular. So if you are into that video thing, you should make it a daily stop because free is good! I also have a Video of the Day on the Voyeur Monkey front page towards the bottom. I like to find individual clips that let you in on something sweet, something you might not find easily on the tubes. I also archive these daily videos at Voyeur Monkey Tube so you have someplace to kill a few minutes while you circulate some blood in your dick.

Let’s see, there is also the Girls of Voyeur Monkey. These babes at one time or another have their photos featured on VM and if they are on that page, they’re still live on the Internet and waiting for you to visit them.

DSC_4771At the bottom of Voyeur Monkey’s front page are trusted links by Ruff’s Voyeur Monkey Team, which is just me by the way. These are all my links so they are safe. In fact, every link on any of my pages is safe and goes where it is supposed to. There are no surprises with the links. I work on this site every day so I know what’s going on. I check my server logs daily and I have software in place on my servers to stop shithead hackers from fucking with my stuff.

DSC_4812I got started in the online adult business in 1998 just having some fun. I started building amateur websites for girls in about 2000 and it took off from there. The market has changed a lot these days. Fewer and fewer real amateur girls are in the business anymore. Most of the girls now are part of networks or bigger companies that handle everything for them. There are still a number of them though and you will always be able to find their photo posts here. I used to operate my own porn network called Ruff’s Aggressive Pass, I recently sold the network  to my friend, Mr. Porn Nerd (read about him down a few paragraphs). It has  over a million plus photos (I fucking counted them) and thousands of videos. It’s definitely worth a look, buy a 6 month membership even if it is just for the videos, you won’t find a better deal, guaranteed! Less than .67 cents a day plus you get all of Mr. Porn Nerd’s sites too.

DSC_4813I’m married to a Russian beauty I met 12 years ago. She’s a doctor. We go to Moscow every year to visit her family. There are no prescription drugs in Moscow. You do not have to have a prescription to buy antibiotics and most other useful meds. Of course, the serious stuff requires documentation so no going over to load up on oxy, LOL. But there are hundreds of other useful medicines manufactured in Russia, India and other places that are just as good or better than you can buy in the US and the prices are dirt cheap! So naturally I decided to partner with a trusted Russian company to set up a website called Sexual Health for Men. It’s operated by my brother-in-law in Moscow and I recommend it to anyone looking for quality meds at a discount price. Did I mention safety and security? You can use your Visa, Mastercard, or ACH to purchase. Obviously, if you ever, ever had a problem, you would always be protected by these companies. So no fear, delivery is discreet, fast and inexpensive.

DSC_4814I also have some links up for favorites like Mr. Porn Nerd, he’s a friend of mine from New York city. He’s another one of the last of the original amateur webmasters still hitting it everyday. As I said above, he has taken over Ruff’s Aggressive Pass Network. When you join any of his 3 porn networks, your membership works in all of them. Somewhere around 80 something sites. I believe it would take a number of years just to see everything in his networks! There is no better bang for your porn buck!

So that’s the dealio! The Voyeur Monkey network is getting so large I need to manage it full time now. Bringing my latest venture online, Voyeur Monkey Japan required several weeks in Tokyo getting everything in place with my new partners. Great city and very interesting place to visit, just take a ton of cash with you. Bitcoin if you have it, that spends very well there and is good back up for funds. Next trip is Los Angeles to check on the Cam Studios expansion, then Moscow to work on the latest Herbal-Health-Wellness.com site we just published.


You may have noticed the green padlock and https next to the voyeurmonkey.com link in your browser. I just put encrypted security on Voyeur Monkey to offer my viewers more security. You can read more about HTTPS at Wikipedia. It means when you click on my links, they are going to take you where you expect to go. I found this link to HTTPS Everywhere that provides free extensions for Firefox, Chrome and Opera, that encrypts your communications with many major websites, making your browsing more secure. Check it out, you can’t be too safe in this world.

Several new Voyeur Monkey Network projects have come online in the past few months. Voyeur Monkey News is a blog that I am currently working on, just something that allows me to post some of the stuff I run across now and then. Of course it has titties on it. LOL

Another site is Voyeur Monkey Bookmarks, this is a link site to quite a few quality porn sites that I have personally vetted to make sure they are safe, well done, professional with beautiful women. Check it out, I add new sites to it nearly every day.

My favorite new site is the Voyeur Monkey Video PostI had the original program script that I used for Voyeur Monkey customized to present video galleries from some of the most popular porn websites. This is different from a tube site, I add 12 galleries a day of hand selected galleries I think my viewers will enjoy. I’m able to showcase new and different types of adult entertainment almost instantly. So far it is proving to be just as popular as the original Voyeur Monkey Pic Post site.

Then there is the Voyeur Monkey Mobile site. I realized that the Voyeur Monkey site did not display as nicely on mobile devices as I would like so I had a custom script made to work on smartphones and tablets. It’s thumbnail based and looks great on mobile. See what you think. It also works just as well on your desktop if you prefer. Either way it is a win-win for my viewers.

To tie everything together and offer a central link location for the network, I have set up Pretty Good Links where you can find all of the Voyeur Monkey Network site links. Everything linkwise, is clean and goes where it says it’s going. No trading scripts, pop ups, or popunders. Scanned for malware daily so if you have any kind of issue, just give me a heads up and I will address the problem immediately.

Time to get Pro-Active

The Tor Project caught my eye. You can get the tools you need and learn how to surf the Internet and the Dark Web anonymously. You can do just about anything and purchase just about anything anonymously once you safely learn how using the Tor software and browser. Untraceable and anonymous you will be. Start by downloading the Tor Browser, then Google “navigating the dark web”. When you are ready, sign up for a Coinbase account, get some Bitcoin and buy whatever the fuck you like, but learn how to protect yourself first.

Don’t forget, when surfing using regular browsers like Chrome, Firefox or Opera, be sure you are using the HTTPS Everywhere extension for these browsers. It’s not so much the government you have to watch for as it is these sanctimonious assholes out there that think they know what’s best for you.

And finally, a footnote…

All photos on this page are of my wife’s lovely pussy. She wanted to contribute in some small way to your enjoyment of the Voyeur Monkey experience. Yes, it is as tasty as it looks. I like to watch men fuck her. What can I say? It turns both of us on like crazy!

DSC_4815Did I mention she likes two cocks in her pussy? You can’t see it, but mine is in her mouth. Three for the win!

The latest news is that we have moved our headquarters to the Bahamas. We bought a vacation home outside of Nassau and liked it so much, we decided to simply relocate to the island. They are very business friendly here and it is a completely different kind of lifestyle than we had in Miami. Plus it is just a quick plane ride to the mainland when we need to do some shopping or business. Since we enjoy the swinging and cuckold lifestyle, which you can learn more about at Sexual Musings of a Cuckold, you can imagine that we will be exploring what’s available here. Especially my wife who has a fondness for large black cocks! So stay tuned, it only gets better!

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